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I should have known

So in my last post I said I took the tx nurse job. Monday state did now show up. So when A asked if I could switch her Tues for Wed I was fine with it. It would give a chance to try out doing the weekly tx reports and more practice in general. I got there Wednesday morning and my boss thanked me again for doing this and told me to let her know if I was just hating it. Becasue she didn't want me to force myself to do it if I really was not enjoying it. I thought that was nice. It seemed like this was really going to turn out to be a good decision...

Boy was I wrong!Collapse )

I am getting very fed up with my unit in general. We need stronger leadership or nothing is ever going to change.

Now I feel like I am getting sick. My throat is sore and have a stuffy/runny nose and that general feeling of fogginess in my head. I just want to sleep but I have to work the next 3 days for sure and I think I will be coming in on Wednesday for another training day as tx nurse. I am not at all surprised that I am getting sick with all the stress I have been under. God I hope that it gets better. Doesn't seem like it will since today D called to let me know that last night the night shift dropped a patient during transfer. Of course it is the confused patient who always makes stuff up so is exaggerating the story and of course his sister is bipolar and crazy and has been looking for a reason to sue us since the day he was admitted. I just do not know what to do anymore other than just trying to stick my job and do the best I can.

Need some advice

Alright the following is a long work story from last week. I need some advice on what I should do this coming Monday when I will have to speak with my boss again.

Really long... I'm not kidding its like a bookCollapse )

Gah... I just keep going back and forth in my head over whether or not I should take the position. It is a great feeling that everyone thinks I can do it, but I am just not sure if A) their faith in me is founded or B) if it is the right step to be making at this time.


Ireland recap

Had a fantastic 2 days in Ireland. Spend the first day just rambling around Dublin for hours upon end. We took a walking tour of the city to learn some of the history of the country. Then lunch at a pub so I could get a pint of Bulmers!!!! Since it was Easter Sunday my mom and I decided to go to St. Patrick's in the afternoon for Evensong. It was fantastic. The boys choir sang selections from Handel's Messiah. Then we went to St. Stephen's green which was lovely. It was a bright sunny day and the flowers were so vibrant and colorful. and the whole area was so peacful in the center of such a busy city. Then we took a walk along Granfton street. I love areas like that, with all the shops and people out. Sadly becuase it was Easter Sunday a lot of the shops were closed.

Yesterday we got up in the morning and flew to Cork. We went out to Blarney to see the castle and kiss the stone. OMG the area around Blarney was fantastic. Wonderful green countryside and hills all around. Perfect! And again we were blessed with a lovely sunny day. We walked up the million narrow winding steps to the top of the castle to kiss the stone. Lunch at another pub (with more cider!) and some exploring in Blarney. It was 2pm when I was at the pub, and the guy next to me at the bar was so drunk that he had to reach for his beer like 3 times becuase his depth perception was gone. We went to the wool mill shops to see all the great things they make with the wool. Took the bus back into Cork and wandered a bit. Had some cheese and onion crisps while we looked around St. Patrick's street. Got to see where Ali's brothers pub is but sadly it was closed for renovations this week so I couldn't have a pint there :(. I got 2 bartenders to let me keep the Bulmers glass, best souviner ever!!

I am really going to need to take a Ireland holiday again. With much much more time to really explore the great places and countryside. But I am glad I got to go even if just for a bit.

Dublin pics are here http://gallery.me.com/nursejulielynn#100240

Cork and Blarney pics up soon


In the UK!!!!

So I knew right from the start that this was going to be an excellent trip! They had Gavin and Stacy playing on the plane and when I flipped through the in flight magazine there was an interview with Colin Firth. It made the very turbulent 10 hour flight a bit easier to deal with. Plus it helped that someone from my row didn't show / missed the flight so I had extra room to spread out.

After a bit of a layover at Heathrow we were on our way to Edinburgh. By the time we got there I was queasy and had a headache. Which usually happens to me on long days. And I just really wanted to get away from everyone. Too bad we had an hour car ride to Dundee still to go. Along there way there were huge fields of daffodils, tons of sheep and even some highland cows. But I was feeling to sick to concentrate on taking pictures. When we got there and got checking every one else was knackered. But I just wanted to get away. So I decided to go explore the city. Our hotel is right on the water on the Firth of Tay. So I made my way across to the town area trying to find the building belonging to a steeple I could see. I ended up wandering around the whole town and it was just what I needed. It put me in an excellent mood. The town is gorgeous and old and full of fantastic building and cobblestone streets. The church I was looking for turned out to be an Episcopal Church. But according to the sign it used to be the castle of Dundee before it was attacked by William Wallace. Then I found this awesome old graveyard. All the headstones I read were form the 1850's and before. The site belonged to 9 guilds and those men and their families could be buried there. Each of the headstones was full with stories about the people buried there. And it had lovely flowers and benches along the paths so you could just sit and enjoy. I loved it.

Here is a link for all the pictures I took today http://gallery.me.com/nursejulielynn#100232

Tomorrow is another day in Dundee. For the conference that this whole trip is planned around. And then Easter Sunday my mom and I get to get up super early and head off to Dublin.


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